The world is at your feet

April 23 2017 – Costas Ellinides

The world is at your feet

The world is at your feet


This is our story, this is what we believe in.

Here at Sparta Novelty we believe what we wear reflects on who we are.

It says a lot about our emotions and even our ambitions.

It can even affect our mood and our confidence.

At Sparta Novelty, we believe that an outfit can give us power.

We believe that the right pair of shoes will take us places.

We believe that style is one of the best ways to express ourselves and let the world know who we are without saying a word.

We are passionate about designing bold, novel products that will inspire people and make them feel good about themselves.

What started as a small shoe factory grew to a vision to create products that will empower people in their everyday lives and help them face the day.

The world is at your feet and it’s YOU AGAINST THE WORLD